Thank you for your interest in being sponsored by Trihst. Being sponsored isn’t only about getting free stuff, it’s also hard work! Changing your status from local entertainer or skater to sponsored entertainer or skater is the first step towards a career in skating and carries responsibility with it. We require our team to take photos, travel, film for videos, skate in demos, skate in contests, and promote our company as best as they can.


A “Sponsor me” video is a good way to start a relationship with our company. It gives us an opportunity to see your style, how advanced you are, and whether or not you have the ability to help promote yourself and our company. Being sponsored is not all about just being a great entertainer or skater, it is about spreading the word, educating, promoting, competing, and traveling. 


There are many people in the world with talent and drive. This means you have to work that much harder to make your dream of becoming successful a reality. If you honestly believe you are at that level and are interested in becoming apart of our team, then please take the time to make a great video about you, and why you think we should sponsor you. 


Please email us your bio and your video to be considered for sponsorship by Trihst LLC.