About Us

Trihst.com is an cool online custom apparel and design company that allows our customers to create there own custom looks using our sublimation printing or vinyl heat applications. We are a Indianapolis, Indiana based company that specializes in printing awesome t-shirts and more. We have been printing t-shirts since 2012 and helping entrepreneurs sell there t-shirts. We also offer one of a kind Trihst original pieces and offer special brands from contributing artists. We are a growing company that was started to fulfill our customers custom t-shirts and apparel needs at an affordable price. Full of fresh ideas and unique designs, we are able to create the perfect apparel for your look! 


We started out as a small company creating t-shirts at a local flea market and events, and now expanding our company to a location in a Indianapolis mall, a mobile truck and a website that can reach a wider range of customers. We put 100% of our time and effort into providing premium quality apparel to our customers.


Once your design is ready to print, your design will be ready for the Sublimation or Vinyl application process. There are "No Minimum Orders" on all of our custom products.


Sublimation printing is a versatile, digital printing method that opens up a world of opportunities in designing apparel. Unlike screen printing, there is no need for separate screens, films, or a great deal of setup for sublimation. Sublimation can be printed in full color and only works on apparel made of polyester.


The vinyl application process is a form of heat pressing your design on the apparel. With this process we're able to have quicker turn-around times also with no minimum quantities, with the limitation of colors. It is best with a 1-3 solid color design. Another benefit is that the vinyl will never fade or crack, it’s made to last. Pricing for our vinyl application is base on the design sizes and vinyl type. For accurate pricing info please feel free to contact us for a free quote. 



We also offer same day printing at our Indianapolis "It'z Custom" location.